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    Electronic Scoreboard Basketball and 24 Shot Clock

    • Brand:Sportyond
    • Model :SPY-B151S
    • Size:1.5x1m & 48X38cm

    Wireless Basketball Electronic Scoreboard,Wireless Basketball Shot Clock

    1. Detailed information

    Basketball Digital Scoreboard and 24 Shot Clock.

    Period Play time four digits ( minutes and seconds ) count down max from 99:59,

    1/10th of a second timing feature in last minute.

    Scores 0 - 199 (three digits per team),
    Period 1 - 9,
    Team Fouls 0 - 9 (one digit per team),

    Time out displays 1 numbers,

    The poss indicator is shown with red arrow,

    A pair of shot clock is available ( two digits per display).

    The Scoreboard is controlled by our user-friendly controller with pre-programmed rules to adapt.
    The operating unit is wireless remote communication.

    Built-in Siren - Gives off automatically signal when the match ended.

    Full dimensions scoreboard 1.5X1m & shot clock 48X38cm

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